Private Coaching

The most effective part of the coaching programme for producing results. Individual tuition combined with regular play is the ultimate way to improve your game.

We can develop personal training programmes that are tailored to your needs and your budget. Whether you want a full programme with goal setting or just a one-off session to get some expert tips specifically for you we can cater to your needs.

Book your session directly with a member of our team at a time to suit you. We have a range of payment options available too.

Coach Ad-Hoc/One-off Lessons Block of 6 Sessions
1 Hour 45min 30min 6 x 1 Hour 6 x 45min 6 x 30min 6 x 1hr sessions in 6 weeks*
Rob Cunningham £25 £20 £15 £135 £108 £80 £120
Ben Coates £20 £16 £11 £108 £84 £60 £100
Tom Bellingham £20  £16 £11 £120 £96 £66
*all 6 sessions must occur within a 6 week period. Any sessions outstanding after this period will be void.
**Prices do not include floodlight charges.

For Prices at The Vale Hotel please contact the Leisure Reception.

Contact our Head Coach for more details.


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