Booking Terms & Conditions

Course bookings, regular sessions, rescheduled sessions & refunds:

  • Places on each course/session are offered on a first come, first served basis. A place on a course/session can only be reserved once full payment and application form have been received. The fastest way to reserve your place is by booking online, this service is available for most of our sessions.
  • Some of our sessions are only open to members of our affiliated clubs or give priority to members. At the majority of our venues we also offer discounted rates on coaching for members.
  • After booking onto a session/course you will not be notified unless your booking has been unsuccessful, in which instance any payments made will be refunded.
  • We apply strict minimum and maximum numbers of players to each session. If a session/course cannot run due to insufficient bookings then those already booked will be refunded.
  • Sessions will take place at the stated venue during the time(s) indicated in the session/course details. Weekly courses will run on consecutive weeks unless otherwise stated. Players booked on to a course are expected to turn up to all sessions.
  • All sessions/courses will run as stated in the course details. Any session(s) missed through a player’s own omission shall be forfeit and cannot be refunded or offered in lieu.
  • If a session cannot run due to bad weather or unforeseen circumstances, the lead coach shall notify all players booked on via text and/or email. If you have not been contacted please assume the session is on. If a session is cancelled due to bad weather or unforeseen circumstances then an extra session will be added at the same time in the week following the end of the course. Only if it is not possible to schedule an extra session will a voucher for the sessions owed be issued.

General Conditions:

  • Players should dress appropriately for tennis, i.e. comfortable sportswear suitable for the season with flat, non-marking sports shoes. In the summer, players should bring/wear sun cream and hat and if cold/wet a coat/waterproof.
  • Players should arrive approximately 5 minutes before the start of their session ready to play. In the interests of safety, children should be collected promptly at the end of their session. Please contact your coach if you are running late.
  • Players should bring a drink and a snack for longer sessions.
  • Vale Tennis Academy will supply all balls and other coaching equipment for each session.
  • Vale Tennis Academy keeps a small supply of racquets if a player requires one, however, if you have a racquet we normally recommend you use your own.
  • Players are expected to respect other players, the coaching team, the club/venue and any other person using the tennis courts.
  • We have designed our sessions to be fun, enjoyable and challenging so that players play within a positive learning environment. We therefore expect our players to behave appropriately and join in to the best of their ability. If a player becomes disruptive or exhibits unacceptable behaviour, then they will be dealt with immediately. In some cases, the player may be excluded from part or the remainder of the session and, if applicable, the player’s parents will be informed. In extreme cases a player may be excluded from the remaining sessions in a course/term.

Tennis Camps:

  • Our tennis camps are longer sessions. Please ensure that your child is dressed appropriately, has plenty to drink and has a snack or packed lunch for our day sessions.
  • Tennis camps are not a child care service. All our coaches are LTA qualified, first aid trained and DBS checked. Parents are welcome to leave their children with us for the session but we do require that you are able to return at any time should a situation arise.

Squad Sessions:

  • When signing up for a squad session you/your child will be required to commit to the session on a long term basis. We therefore require that you sign up to a regular payment method.
  • Squads can be paid for in three ways; pay weekly (this can only be done on a trial basis for a maximum of one term), termly invoice (players will be invoiced in advance of each term at our standard weekly rate) or via standing order (a monthly payment plan will be set up between you and your bank). Monthly standing order is the most cost effective and hassle-free way to pay for squad sessions.
  • We require a minimum of 6 weeks’ notice when cancelling one or more squad sessions. This allows time for us to offer the available places to someone else and to collect any outstanding payment due. At the end of the 6 week notice period we may issue a final invoice or refund if required.
  • Each squad session runs at a maximum player to coach ratio of 8:1 and minimum of 4:1.
  • During your time on the squad programme your coach may suggest changing to a different squad session. Moving squads is easy providing there is space. When increasing/decreasing the number of squads please speak to your coach about setting up a new standing order.
  • Squad sessions require a greater commitment from both players and parents. If we feel there is a lack of commitment in the squad session, we will arrange a meeting with the player and parent to discuss either moving to a different squad or another part of our club coaching programme.

Policies & Procedures:

  • Vale Tennis Academy store each player’s medical and contact details for use in case of emergency or to contact players in relation to their bookings. All data is stored in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
  • When booking a course or joining one of our affiliated clubs you will be added to our mailing list. If you prefer not to receive our newsletters and mail outs then please manually unsubscribe your email address from the information you do not want to receive. You can unsubscribe at the bottom of each of our newsletters. Vale Tennis Academy will not pass on or sell your personal information to third parties.
  • From time to time Vale Tennis Academy may take photos and video for promotional purposes in use such as newsletters, web/email publications and local press. When booking on a course/session a player/parent can give or withhold consent for images of themselves/their child to be used in such publications.
  • Safety and Equality is very important to Vale Tennis Academy and we have adopted The LTA’s Safeguarding Children and Young People PolicyEquality and Diversity Policy and Safeguarding Adults Policy.
  • Vale Tennis Academy follows the accident, incident and emergency procedures relevant to each club. For further details on these please contact the club where your sessions are taking place.
  • Vale Tennis Academy respects other members that use the clubs where we operate. Vale Tennis Academy follows the relevant club rules and expects its players to do so as well. For further details on these please contact the club where your sessions are taking place.

Vale Tennis Academy reserves all rights and all decisions made shall be final.

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