Miss-Hits is a big hit!

Miss-Hits is a brand new programme especially for girls aged 5-8 years, and Vale Tennis Academy is one of less than a dozen providers across Wales to be delivering this innovative format vente de viagra en belgique. Developed by Judy Murray and her colleagues, the sessions introduce girls to tennis skills using fun characters, music, and an informal environment, where the emphasis is firmly on girls being girls and havig loads of fun together. Working with a female coach and connecting with the six female tennis-playing characters, Faith Forehand, Bella Backhand, Valentina Volley, Sasha Smash, Selena Serve and Alejandra Ace, as well as Billie the Ball-dog, girls learn tennis fundamentals almost without realising they are doing so. Input some extra fun stuff such as warm-up dances, accessories like nail stickers, tattoos and hairclips, plus weekly take-home sheets to practice more games and consolidate knowledge of that week’s character, and the result is an hour of captivating, energetic fun that girls can’t wait to return to week after week.


The course is already running in Barry and will be coming to PLTC and Cowbridge soon.


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